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Rapunzel - 6001661
8.11 in H
Follow your dreams with this radiant princess! She will light up your collection with exquisite details, like her sparkling sleeves, pearls braided through her golden hair and gown with a sun and flower pattern reminiscent of her kingdom, Corona.
Alice - 6001660
6.5 in H
Don't be late to the mad tea party with this gorgeous Couture de Force Alice! Prepare to be wonderstruck by her elegant, formal tea attire, embellished with sparkling rhinestones, a ruffled skirt and an ornate damask pattern on her signature apron.
Disney Showcase Cinematic Moments Couture de Force Pixar Disney Villains
Tinker Bell 100 MM - 4060213
Take flight with this glimmering Tinker Bell Waterball! This Disney Showcase piece is immersed in resplendent details such as the golden borders, opulent leaf pattern and rhinestone adornment, while Tink floats within wearing her signature look.
Couture de Force Elena - 6001034
3.86 in H
“Elena of Avalor” is smart, spunky, and ambitious, and has the style to match. This handcrafted design captures that engaging combination, showing the princess in her elegant formal gown. The stone resin figurine is hand-painted in rich, feminine hues.
Couture de Force Holiday Sally - 6000819
7.87 in H
Sally embraces the fashion of the season in an elegant capelet, festive winter hat. and muff. Handcrafted in exquisite detail, the lithe ragdoll eyes a cheery sprig of mistletoe, plotting a romantic run-in with Jack.
Couture de Force Merida - 6000817
7.87 in H
Tomboyish Merida gets a polished makeover with smooth curls and an elegant gown in this Couture de Force figurine. Braided embroidery, Celtic embellishment, and a tartan insert highlight her Scottish heritage, handcrafted in stone resin and hand-painted.
Couture de Force Maleficent - 6000816
8.74 in H
Maleficent strikes a regal pose in this handcrafted design from the Couture de Force collection, her ominous onyx robes reimagined as a satin gown and feathered, floor-length cape. Ready to rule the runway, the fashionable figure holds a golden scepter.
Jack and Sally Waterball, 6.5
6.5 in H
Jack and Sally from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” make one spooky-chic couple in this handcrafted waterball. A little shake sends a flurry of sparkles swirling around the romantic pair. Zero floats beneath, hand-carved from the stone resin base.
Couture de Force Tinker Bell - 4060072
7.28 in H
Tinker Bell goes full glam in this handcrafted design from the Couture de Force collection. The petite fairy puts her moxie on display with winding vines, artful florals, and a dramatic train, all sculpted from high-quality stone resin and hand-painted.
Light-Up Zero Bookends - 6001339
8 in H
Playful Zero plays hide and go seek through Jack Skellington’s research books, the very books Jack turns to in his quest for a logical explanation of Christmas. Zero’s translucent body lights up with touch-sensor LED lights.
Enchanted Objects set - 4060076
2.5 in H
Living with the Beast can be difficult, but thanks to Belle’s arrival, all of the enchanted objects can’t help but smile! Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Chip, and Cogsworth eagerly exchange excited glances in this collection of four 2.5-inch figurines.
Evil Queen - 4060075
8.5 in H
In this intricate detailed stone resin figurine, the Evil Queen’s cape and gown features a stunning tonal deco pattern and red lining. Sparkling red gems and an ornate belt give her final luxe touches.
Coco - Miguel and Dante - 4060074
6.02 in H
Miguel and Dante make their debut in this beautifully detailed figurine by Disney Showcase! The new musician and his faithful dog make a charming duo as they stroll through the realm of the dead on Dia de los Muertos.
Belle - 4060071
8 in H
In this intricate detailed stone resin figurine, Belle’s signature golden ballgown is elevated to beautiful new heights with the addition of a subtle rose-inspired print that adds luxurious depth, sculpted tassels, and scarlet gems.
Couture de Force Snow White - 4060070
7.75 in H
Snow White is far too dressed up to sweep the house in this gorgeous gown! This glittering design 7.75” features heavy brocade, beautiful draping, and ruffle details all meticulously sculpted from stone resin and painted by hand for a perfect finish.
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