Heart of Christmas

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Moonlit Nap - 6006979
2.76 in H
Resting its little eyes in the crook of the moon, this mouse is fast asleep high above the house. Cuddled against the crescent, she sleeps with an empty stocking itching to be filled. Celebrate Christmouse time naps with this slumbersome scene.
Christmas Dressing - 6006565
2.76 in H
Steering the icing tip, this mouse wields Christmas dressing in its tiny hands. With a frosting dispenser as big as she is tall, she brings festivity to all. Decorating gingerbread men with fashion and flavor, you'll get to enjoy her labor later!
Mice Fishing - 6006564
2.48 in H
This mouse has gone fishing. With a hole cut into the ice, he waits for a bite. Sitting on a thimble, the bundled fisherman will wait for hours if he must. When the line starts tugging, he'll lug in the frozen fish; a festive favorite.
Bethlehem's Family - 6006563
3.39 in H
Celebrate the reason for the season with this mousey holy family. Baby Jesus huddles against his mother Mary's mouse chest, oblivious to the great future ahead of him. Despite their size, the proud parent's pride shines like the shepherd's star.
Heralding Christmas - 6006562
2.17 in H
Dressed as Santa Clause, this mouse takes a ride down your chimney with a leaf of holly in hand. With mistletoe this high, everyone in your house ought to be kissing! Ring in Christmouse with this sweet chimney sweep, sure to keep your home cheered.
Sweet Treat - 6006560
2.09 in H
Holding a candy cane larger than he is tall, this little mouse's smile is as sweet as sugar. Bringing you a red and white striped treat, this mouse makes all other mice obsolete. This one can live between your walls, as long as the candy continues.
Too Cute to Spook - 6006559
2.24 in H
When all's quiet in the house, it's quite easy to jump at the sight of a mouse. This witch is far from wicked. With purple robes, hat, and broomstick, this little occultist is too cute to spook. Cackle into the night with this cute conjurer.
Pumpkin Spice Mice - 6006558
2.24 in H
When all's quiet in the house, it's quite easy to jump at the sight of a mouse. Made from pumpkin spice and everything nice, this little jack-o-lantern is as sweet as pie. With a carved smile and gentle disposition, Halloween just got sweeter.
The Cat's Meow - 6006557
2.17 in H
When all's quiet in the house, it's quite easy to jump at the sight of a mouse. Wearing it's scariest costume, a mouse poses as it's greatest threat, a cat. Wearing a tutu, cat ears, and tail, it's on the prowl. Listen to mice howl this Halloween.
Happy Boo to You! - 6006556
2.91 in H
When all's quiet in the house, it's quite easy to jump at the sight of a mouse. Wearing it's scariest costume, this little ghost is spooky and kooky! Dressed in white sheets, a smiling face will scare passersby, after all he's so cute we could die!
Ghost of Christmas Past Mouse - 6006555
2.28 in H
The ghost of Christmas Past shows Scrooge Mouse the events that lead up to his alienation. Separating himself from friends, family, and love, Scrooge Mouse made his heart cold. Hopefully he'll warm up this Christmas with a seat in your home!
Ghost Christmas Present Mouse - 6006554
2.17 in H
The ghost of Christmas Present provides Scrooge Mouse with a sobering glance at the happenings all around him. Families of mice enjoying each other's company and the feel of the fire in their hearth. Scrooge Mouse begins to realize he's missing out.
Ghost Christmas Future Mouse - 6006553
2.24 in H
The ghost of Christmas future brings Scrooge Mouse a shocking reality to face. If Scrooge Mouse keeps up his dreadful ways, he'll be headed to an early grave. Wearing black robes this ghostly rodent points towards a grave stone with Scrooge's name.
Jacob Marley Mouse - 6006552
2.24 in H
Longtime business partner of Scrooge Mouse, Jacob Marley Mouse appears in chains on Christmas Eve night. With a bow around his head he makes one cute ghost, but the powerful message he brings might be enough to scare Scrooge straight!
Scrooge Mouse - 6006551
2.17 in H
Scrooge Mouse never cared much for others. He harbored his cheese and seeds selfishly. It wasn't until one transformative noel night that he finally changed his ways. Visited by three ghostly mice, he'll learn the true meaning of Christmouse.
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