The World of Miss Mindy

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Vinyl Rapunzel With Pascal - 6003779
7 in H
Announcing Series 3 of the World of Miss Mindy's Designer Vinyl. Rapunzel her hair down to form the tripod design. Pascal completes the set. Collect them all!
Vinyl Snow White with Dopey - 6003778
7 in H
Announcing Series 3 of the World of Miss Mindy's Designer Vinyl. Snow White comes with Dopey in toe to complete the set. Collect them all!
Vinyl Jasmine with Genie - 6003777
7 in H
Announcing Series 3 of the World of Miss Mindy's Designer Vinyl. Jasmine dressed in blue comes with a matching magical genie lantern. Collect them all!
Vinyl Aurora with Merryweather - 6003776
7 in H
Announcing Series 3 of the World of Miss Mindy's Designer Vinyl. Just in time for the 60th Anniversary of Sleeping Beauty, the Briar Rose comes with her very own fairy godmother Merriweather. Collect them all!
Vinyl Belle with mini Beast - 6003775
7 in H
Captured in Miss Mindy's whimsical style, Belle is wide-eyed, curious and ready for a new adventure with her infamous beast in tow. This tale as old as time gets a brand new twist in Miss Mindy's Designer Vinyl!
Sally Designed by Miss Mindy - 6004286
6.1 in H
Sweet Sally gets a creative makeover from Miss Mindy in this striking piece. Bold colors and incredible attention to detail make this an eye-catching rendition of Jack Skellington's loving partner a must have. Add her to your collection.
Jack Skellington by Miss Mindy - 6003768
7.17 in H
The thrill-seeking Jack Skellington is especially eccentric in this creative piece from Miss Mindy. His bold eyes and mischievous smile are paired perfectly with the winking pumpkin and a pin-striped suit. Add him and his lovely Sally to your collection
Christmas Minnie Mouse - 6003766
6.22 in H
She's bold, spunky, and playful. Miss Mindy's Christmas Minnie Mouse is adorable in every way. Her sassy attitude and sweet smile are bursting with charisma and will liven up any collection. Complete the set with Christmas Mickey Mouse!
Christmas Mickey Mouse - 6003765
5.91 in H
The cheerful Mickey Mouse takes his charisma to a whole new level in this fantastic piece by Miss Mindy. His Christmas cheer shines brightly and boldly, and he's the spirit your collection is missing. Complete the set with the adorable Christmas Minnie
Miss Mindy Flounder Figurine - 6001669
4.53 in H
The trusty sidekick of The Little Mermaid Flounder is featured here with his iconic blue and yellow stripes while perched on top a bright pink piece of coral., complete with orange starfish. Designed by Miss Mindy.
Miis Mindy Deluxe Ursula Fig - 6001668
9.84 in H
Miss Mindy has perfectly captured this villainous vixen, Ursula from The Little Mermaid with her two sneaky henchmen Flotsam and Jetsam. Her tentacles encapsulate a depiction of Ariel and Prince Eric from the musical number, Kiss the Girl.
Miss Mindy Ariel Figurine - 6001667
9.37 in H
A dinglehopper is a girl's best friend according to The Little Mermaid. Ariel is featured on a glass bubble which lights up to reveal the loyal advisor Sabastian. Designed by Miss Mindy.
Featherduster (Plumette) - 6002644
4.72 in H
Designed by Folk Cartoonist Miss Mindy, The feather duster from the animated classic Beauty and the Beast makes her way into the enchanted objects collection much to the delight of Lumiere.
Miss Mindy Vinyl - Cheshire - 6001682
7.09 in H
You'll be mad for Miss Mindy's captivating Cheshire Cat and his famous toothy grin. He happily welcomes you to Wonderland with a charming mini mome rath. Be sure to add this delightfully devious shapeshifter to your collection before he disappears!
Miss Mindy Vinyl - Stitch - 6001681
7.09 in H
Say "Aloha" to this mischievously adorable alien as he lives out his rock n' roll dreams! Miss Mindy's Stitch portrays the lovable rocker with a white cape, fun stars & stripes pattern and pink guitar in hand, ready for a beachside performance.
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