The World of Miss Mindy

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Winged Monkey from Miss Mindy - 6004635
3.94 in H
Miss Mindy Wizard of Oz Winged Monkey Figurine
Dorothy From Miss Mindy - 6004634
6.5 in H
Wide eyed and genial, Miss Mindy captures Dorothy adorably. With cheery Toto and basket in hand, this Kansas gal is off to wherever the yellow brick may lead. Sparkling red slippers and smile, this figurine is a must have for any Wizard of Oz collector.
Wicked Witch from Miss Mindy - 6004632
10.24 in H
Wicked and livid, this witch plans her siege of Oz in style. Vividly painted in ghastly greens and purples, she dominates the scene. Miss Mindy creates a villain worth collecting in sassy style and glowing detail.
Featherduster (Plumette) - 6002644
4.72 in H
Designed by Folk Cartoonist Miss Mindy, The feather duster from the animated classic Beauty and the Beast makes her way into the enchanted objects collection much to the delight of Lumiere.
Penguin Waiters Set - 6001672
4.72 in H
This Penguin Waiters set looks SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS alongside the Jolly Holiday Mary Poppins Musical. complete with tea and a little pudding, this set is a must have.
Mary Poppins Musical - 6001671
9.84 in H
Designed by folk cartoonist Miss Mindy, Mary Poppins takes on a whole new look inspired by the animated dream sequence from the original classic film. The carousel scene inside Mary's dress lights up. Musical Tune: Jolly Holiday
Mrs. Potts and Chip Set - 6001670
4.06 in H
Designed by Folk Cartoonist Miss Mindy, Mrs Potts and her little Chip are new additions to the enchanted objects pieces from Beauty and the Beast. Be sure to scoop these up before they become human again. Sold as a set.
Pegasus - 6001167
5.67 in H
Young Pegasus of Walt Disney’s “Fantasia” is a playful foal; to be a great flyer is his one and only goal. This handcrafted design captures his spirit, catching a stormy tantrum in such fine detail, you can almost hear it!
Centaurette - 6001166
6.5 in H
The majestic Centaurette from a Walt Disney’s “Fantasia” symphony lifts a sweet bluebird while posing flirtatiously. Lush pink flowers caress her blonde hair. Have you ever seen a horse-maiden this fair?
Fantasia Brooms - 6001165
3.94 in H
Straight out of Walt Disney’s “Fantasia,” the Brooms do a dance, splashing water from buckets as if in a trance. This handcrafted stone resin set is painted by hand, with all the color and whimsy of The World of Miss Mindy brand.
Sorcerer Mickey - 6001164
5.51 in H
Sorcerer Mickey conducts a silly symphony, watching Brooms dance with requisite glee. His billowing robe and pointed cap make magic seem like a snap. This handcrafted figurine was made to be seen, painted by hand with beautiful sheen.
Ace of Hearts & 3 of Spades - 6001038
5.31 in H
These “Alice in Wonderland” Cards are ready to fight. Waiting for the Queen of Hearts’ call, they stand tall. Handcrafted and hand-painted, the stone resin designs can be set side-by-side or made to fall in line.
White Rabbit - 6001037
4.13 in H
He’s late! He’s late, for a very important date! But at least he looks good while he suffers this fate. Handcrafted and hand-painted, this White Rabbit figurine is pristine. His monocle and bugle have a nice metallic sheen.
Queen Of Hearts - 6001036
10.75 in H
The Queen of Hearts from Walt Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” looks more fabulous than ever, cunningly plotting which heads to sever. The Cheshire Cat grins from above, handcrafted and hand-painted with lots of love.
Alice In Wonderland - 6001035
6.1 in H
Alice from Walt Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” gives a sweet, wide-eyed look upward as she sits on a mushroom. Hand-painted in fun colors and exquisite detail, the charms of this handcrafted stone resin figurine never fail.
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