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Belle Deluxe 1st in a Series - 6009139
15 in H
Holding the enchanted rose, Belle looks stunning in her characteristic golden ball gown. The tale of Beauty and the Beast teaches that anything is possible through love, so take some of it home with you in this 15" Belle effigy "A Rare Rose"by Jim Shore.
Masterpiece Rapunzel Tower - 6008998
18 in H
Disney's beautiful Rapunzel has been locked away in this high tower since a baby. Forever dreaming of the world beyond, she's waited 18 long years to attend the floating light festival. Endless possibilities for Rapunzel in this Jim Shore design.
Alice in Wonderland Stacked - 6008997
10.82 in H
Alice and friends build a tower of astonishment in this colorful piece by Jim Shore. Twiddle Dee and Dumb form the tower's base while Alice, The Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, and Dormouse balance above. This crew makes Wonderland even more wonderful.
Maleficent Headdress Scene - 6008996
10.25 in H
Framed within Maleficent's horned silhouette, an illustrious Sleeping Beauty scene unfolds. Prince Phillip arrives at Aurora's bedside with fairies, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, to break the curse before the kingdom falls in this Jim Shore creation.
Beauty and the Beast Rose Dome - 6008995
10.3 in H
This Jim Shore hand-painted diorama figurine helps celebrate the 30th anniversary of the legendary romance of Belle and the Beast. Very enthusiastic Lumiere, Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts watch as Belle and the Beast share a moonlight waltz and loving gaze.
Ariel with Gifts - 6008982
7.25 in H
In a brilliant blue dress, Ariel is a vision of beauty and gratitude in this lovely Jim Shore statuette. Carrying gifts and wearing a broach of holly, the princess delivers presents to all those Under the Sea. Flounder and Sebastian grace the base.
Rapunzel with Gifts - 6008981
7.25 in H
Hair full of flowers, Rapunzel will be swinging to your home this season. Boasting a broach of holly and carrying a tightly wrapped gift, this princess will be delivering presents all across the kingdom in this Jim Shore design.
Moana with Pua and Hei Hei - 6008078
5.25 in H
The chosen one, Moana, takes a break from being Chief of Motunui and relaxes with her pets Pua and Heihei, in this Disney Traditions sculpt designed by Jim Shore.
Tink Sitting in Flower - 6008076
6.25 in H
All the way from Neverland, this sweet and sassy fairy, takes a flower break before she's off on her next adventure. This Disney by Jim Shore piece is intricately hand sculpted and is great for any Tinker Bell enthusiast.
Meg & Hades - 6008070
9 in H
Meg and Hades share the stage in this design inspired by the Disney classic Hercules. Handcrafted in delightful detail, this compelling scene of good and evil features the rich color palette and folk-art motifs that are unmistakably Jim Shore.
Alice & Queen of Hearts - 6008069
8.25 in H
Alice shares a glance with the Queen of Hearts in this design inspired by the Disney classic Alice in Wonderland. Handcrafted in delightful detail, this scene of opposites features the rich color and folk-art motifs that are unmistakably Jim Shore.
Aurora & Maleficent - 6008068
9 in H
Consumed with bitterness and spiteful rage the evil sorceress Maleficent looks down upon Princess Aurora with undisguised contempt.Aurora unfazed by Maleficents baleful glare maintains her grace and poise even as her black clad nemesis plots against her.
Snow White & Evil Queen - 6008067
8.25 in H
Snow White is back-to-back with the Evil Queen in this handcrafted design inspired by the Disney classic. Richly detailed, this compelling scene of good and evil features the vibrant color and folk-art motifs that are unmistakably Jim Shore.
White Woodland Ariel - 6008066
7.75 in H
Scuttle the Seagull and Max the Dog frolic with Ariel in human form in this whimsical scene from The Little Mermaid. Handcrafted in delightful detail, this heartwarming design features Jim Shore’s subtle White Woodland color palette.
White Woodland Tiana w/Louie - 6008065
7.5 in H
Tiana is buoyed on lily pads while Louie serenades her with his trumpet in this charming scene from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. Handcrafted in stunning detail, this delightful design features Jim Shore’s subtle White Woodland color palette.
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