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Princess Passion Mulan - 6002823
7.25 in H
Mulan bravely enlists as a warrior to protect her father. Staying true to her courageous spirit, Mulan heroically saves China and brings honor to her family. In this inspiring Jim Shore design, she holds Shan Yu's sword and wears the Emperor's crest.
Princess Passion Pocahontas - 6002822
7.625 in H
Pocahontas proudly protects her people and land from harm. She wisely teaches John Smith to respect nature and different cultures, then ultimately saves his life. In this stunning Jim Shore design, she stands determined to protect those in need.
Princess Passion Tiana - 6002821
7.5 in H
Tiana works toward her goal of opening her own restaurant. On her enchanting journey to success, she discovers the joy of sharing her dream alongside her true love. In this beautiful Jim Shore design, Tiana holds the menu to her brand new restaurant.
Princess Passion Rapunzel - 6002820
7 in H
Rapunzel spends her days painting the world she longs to explore beyond her tower walls. Inspired to follow her dreams, she embarks on an adventure that leads her home. In this lively Jim Shore design, she happily paints with her artist's palette.
Princess Passion Ariel - 6002819
7 in H
Ariel loves to collect shipwrecked treasures to learn about the human world above. In this darling pose, she combs her vibrant, red hair with her iconic dinglehopper. Celebrate your love for The Little Mermaid with this charming Jim Shore design!
Princess Passion Belle - 6002818
7.75 in H
Belle always has her nose in a book, filling her imagination with adventure. The book-smart beauty begins her own timeless tale when she meets the Beast. In this lovely Jim Shore design, Belle wears her classic gown and holds a book in her hands.
White Woodland Jasmine - 6002817
7.5 in H
Jasmine and Rajah make wishes for their next wonderful adventure together. Designed by Jim Shore, this beautiful White Woodland piece shares the joy of friendship between this princess and her faithful tiger companion.
White Woodland Cinderella - 6002816
8 in H
This piece features Cinderella in her mother’s dress as her loyal, mice companions help her get ready for the ball.
Belle and Maurice the Inventor - 6002806
9 in H
Belle adoringly stands beside her father Maurice the Inventor "Devoted Daughter" Beauty and the Beast Figurine
Belle White Woodland - 6002338
8.3 in H
Daydream away with this imaginative, brave beauty designed by Jim Shore! In this lovely White Woodland piece, Belle tells tales of romance and far-off adventure to her sheep friends, not knowing she will soon find love on her own enchanting journey.
Aurora White Woodland - 6002337
10 in H
Waltz through the woods with this graceful beauty designed by Jim Shore! When Aurora confides in her forest friends about her dream, a handsome stranger overhears her song. Relive her fateful encounter with this mesmerizing White Woodland piece.
Miss Mindy Vinyl Ariel - 6001673
7.09 in H
Captured in Miss Mindy's whimsical style, Ariel is wide-eyed, curious and ready to be part of your world with her famous dinglehopper in hand. Add a splash of effervescent fun to your treasured collection with this adorable Little Mermaid Vinyl!
Rapunzel - 6001661
8.11 in H
Follow your dreams with this radiant princess! She will light up your collection with exquisite details, like her sparkling sleeves, pearls braided through her golden hair and gown with a sun and flower pattern reminiscent of her kingdom, Corona.
Couture de Force Elena - 6001034
3.86 in H
“Elena of Avalor” is smart, spunky, and ambitious, and has the style to match. This handcrafted design captures that engaging combination, showing the princess in her elegant formal gown. The stone resin figurine is hand-painted in rich, feminine hues.
Aurora with Tiara Charm - 6000967
6.7 in H
Jim Shore’s newest collection of princess figurines feature hidden compartments with secret charms. Sculpted from stone resin, Aurora from “Sleeping Beauty” poses in her iconic pink gown. A pull-out drawer opens to reveal a miniature crown charm.
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