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Mickey Mouse FACETS Figure - ND6009037
3.75 in H
The Disney Facets Collection brings the world’s most iconic and beloved characters to life in these “gem cut” acrylic sculptures. With the look of cut crystal at a fraction of the price, these figures sparkle and delight with show stopping detail.
Mickey/Pluto 120 Waterball - 6009581
6.5 in H
Make it snow all season long with this exquisitely crafted Disney snow globe by Jim Shore. Mickey plays Santa with his trusty steed, Pluto, riding shotgun. With wide smiles on their faces the pair prepare to deliver presents to all their friends.
Santa Mickey Statue - 6009029
15.75 in H
This oversized Couture de Force showcase piece features Mickey Mouse at his jolliest. Dressed as Santa, Mickey prepares to hang an ornament with a wide smile upon his face. Standing 15 inches tall this figurine is a Disney dream.
Minnie Witch Vampire Mickey - 6008989
5 in H
Seeing a mouse might make you jump, but two in costume will make you smile in this Jim Shore design. Mickey and Minnie don some spooky suits for the sake of Halloween. Mickey dresses as a vampire while Minnie transforms into a candy craving witch.
Fab 5 Decorating Tree - 6008979
8.26 in H
Mickey Mouse gets a hand and a boost decorating the tree with a lit star this year. His friends form a teetering tower to hoist him to the top of the Mouse family tree while Minnie adds the finishing touches below in this Disney by Jim Shore design.
Mickey with Presents - 6008978
8.85 in H
There is a creature stirring in the house - and it's a mouse! Dressed as Santa Claus and carrying a stack of presents, Mickey delivers holiday cheer and jolly jingles wherever he goes. Bring Disney home for the holidays with Jim Shore.
Mickey Mouse Snowman - 6008976
6.75 in H
Is that Mickey Mouse or Mickey the Snowman? Dressed in a hat and scarf this snow creation resembles its maker. Designed by Jim Shore, this charming snowman makes a marvel of a Christmas ornament. Hang it in your tree pal!
Mickey and Minnie Sledding - 6008972
4.5 in H
Couples that sleigh together, stay together. Disney's original duo embrace for a sled ride down Christmas Mountain. Holding her guy tight, Minnie clings onto Mickey as they go sliding in the snow. With folksy Jim Shore details they're a jolly pair.
Mickey and Minnie Easter - 6008319
4.5 in H
In this joyful scene, Mickey and his sweetheart Minnie, are filled with excitement as they perfect their eggs for an egg hunt. Brighten up your collection with this vibrantly, colorful Easter piece by Jim Shore.
Mickey Sailor Personality Pose - 6008079
5.25 in H
Hoy! Muster, this cheerful mouse is looking for Minnie and ready to set sail. Hand crafted in delightful detail, Disney's mascot, Mickey Mouse, features the rich color and folk-art motifs that are unmistakably Jim Shore's.
Mickey & Pluto Figurine - 6007094
8.1 in H
In celebration of Pluto's 90th Anniversary, Romero Britto introduces this sweet piece of Mickey embracing his canine pal Pluto. This figurine features Britto's bright and bold patterns and colors and is perfect for all the Disney dog lovers out there.
Halloween Mickey - 6007077
5.31 in H
Mickey is a monster in this Halloween inspired Jim Shore statuette. Sneaking towards you, Mickey the spooktacular mouse prepares to pounce! Celebrate the spookiest time of the year with your Disney favorites by Jim Shore.
Santa Mickey w/Candy Canes - 6007068
6.18 in H
Dressed in a Santa suit, Mickey masquerades as the holiday titan. Delivering candy canes to all the nice people he knows, he brings the spirit of Christmas wherever he goes. Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with Disney by Jim Shore.
Christmas Mickey & Friends - 6007063
5.91 in H
Stacked in a holiday pyramid, Mickey and pals savor a day in the snow. Each wearing a Santa hat, they've discovered the meaning of Christmas and enjoy jolly laughs surrounded by friends. Jim Shore creates a scene sandwiched with nostalgia and love.
Mickey's Christmas Carol - 6007060
8 in H
Mickey and family gather around the tree to witness a Christmas Carol retelling by Scrooge McDuck. With windows alight with narrative imagery, they're in for a treat celebrating Christmas past, present and future in this nostalgic design by Jim Shore
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