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Ariel with Gifts - 6008982
7.25 in H
In a brilliant blue dress, Ariel is a vision of beauty and gratitude in this lovely Jim Shore statuette. Carrying gifts and wearing a broach of holly, the princess delivers presents to all those Under the Sea. Flounder and Sebastian grace the base.
White Woodland Ariel - 6008066
7.75 in H
Scuttle the Seagull and Max the Dog frolic with Ariel in human form in this whimsical scene from The Little Mermaid. Handcrafted in delightful detail, this heartwarming design features Jim Shore’s subtle White Woodland color palette.
Little Mermaid Shell Scene - 6005956
8.07 in H
The Little Mermaid is a cherished Disney classic. This Jim Shore figurine has it all, the castle of Atlantica, King Triton, the villainous sea witch Ursula and her eels, Flounder, Sebastian, and Ariel and Eric. The lovers gaze into each other's eyes.
Flounder Personality Pose - 6005955
2.95 in H
Forever cheerful, Flounder smiles brightly atop a crashing wave. His bright yellow and blue scales capture his positivity in this striking pose. This Jim Shore piece is full of personality and is a must-have for your Disney collection.
Ariel Sitting on Rock by Moon - 6005954
7.5 in H
Jim Shore captures Ariel at her most iconic in this graceful effigy. Sitting on a rock raised above the waves, the mermaid dreams of a more exciting life. With beautiful detailing, the piece shines even brighter when lit up.
Ariel Couture de Force - 6005685
7.8 in H
Disney Couture de Force celebrates the confidence, glamour, and inspiring stories of your favorite Disney Princess in a unique and empowering collection that reminds us all, dreams really do come true.
Ariel from The Little Mermaid - 6003656
8.89 in H
Celebrate Disney's The Little Mermaid 30th Anniversary with this dynamic tribute figurine featuring Ariel along with her seaside companions Flounder and Sabastian in this highly detailed figure from Grand Jester Studios.
Princess Passion Ariel - 6002819
7 in H
Ariel loves to collect shipwrecked treasures to learn about the human world above. In this darling pose, she combs her vibrant, red hair with her iconic dinglehopper. Celebrate your love for The Little Mermaid with this charming Jim Shore design!
Ariel Personality Pose - 6001277
3.5 in H
This mermaid wants to be where the people are...and her bold dreams have finally come true as she excitedly explores Prince Eric's kingdom! This Princess Personality Pose by Jim Shore captures Ariel's bubbly joy to cherish her first eventful days on land
Ursula from The Little Mermaid - 4059732
8.25 in H
Jim Shore captures the larger-than-life personality of Ursula in this handcrafted design. The theatrical villain’s voluptuous octopus figure is sculpted from stone resin and hand-painted with a detailed scene of Ariel, Flotsam, and Jetsam.
Ariel and Triton - 4059730
9.75 in H
Ariel lovingly accessorizes her father, King Triton, in this vibrant scene from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”, embodying her role as Daddy’s little princess. Handcrafted and hand-painted the 9.7” design is sculpted from stone resin.
Ursula from The Little Mermaid - 4055791
8 in H
Ursula from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” is flaunting her new haute couture look, embellished with sparkling crystals, a deep V-back, and thigh-high slit to look decidedly more ‘chanteuse’ than ‘sea witch.'
Ariel and Prince Eric - 4055414
6.5 in H
Ariel and Prince Eric take a romantic boat ride in this memorable scene from “The Little Mermaid,” as Flounder swims alongside, eagerly awaiting the pair’s first kiss. Handcrafted and hand-painted, this stone resin figurine is a true keepsake.
Ariel with Flounder - 4054274
5.25 in H
Jim Shore's Fun with Friends collection showcases the special love between a princess and her pint-sized pal. Ariel frolics with Flounder in this delightful scene from “The Little Mermaid,” handcrafted in Shore’s distinctive folk art style.
Dreaming Under The Sea - 4037501
6.25 in H
He loves me, he loves me not. Ariel dreams of a future with Prince Eric as Flounder and Sebastian float nearby. Jim Shore created this beautiful stone resin figurine to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.”
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