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Lock, Shock, and Barrel - 6008993
4.09 in H
Lock, Shock, and Barrel are always up to no good. With fingers crossed behind their backs, the trio looks over their shoulders with sneers and suspicion in this Jim Shore design.
Jack and Sally Romance - 6008992
9 in H
Jack and Sally, the skeleton and rag-doll, fall in love in the Nightmare Before Christmas. Take their unique union off screen with this captivating carving by Jim Shore. Dance through the year and make everyday Halloween with this passionate pair.
Santa Jack and Zero with Tree - 6008991
10.8 in H
Dressed as Santa Claus, Jack Skellington and his glow in the dark dog, Zero, gather around the Christmas tree. Will Jack steal the presents or will he be inspired by the giving season? The choice is left up to you in this charming figurine by Jim Shore.
Jack and Sally Trinket Box - 6008703
1.26 in H
Jack and Sally are an unlikely coupling of precious proportions. The Skellington and ragdoll lock eyes in a romantic embrace upon this lidded felt lined ring box. With the heartwarming message, “Love is Eternal” the pair prepare to dance life away.
Jack & Sally Picture Frame - 6008702
7.875 in H
Jack Skellington and Sally the ragdoll lock eyes in romantic embrace upon this signature 4” x 6” photo frame. With the heartwarming message, “Love Never Dies” the pair prepare to dance life away. This piece makes a lovely display for your true love.
Jack & Sally Couture de Force - 6008701
9.5 in H
Jack and Sally are an unlikely coupling of precious proportions. The Skellington and ragdoll lock eyes in a romantic embrace in this show stopping Couture de Force Disney showcase piece. Wearing elegant robes the pair prepare to dance the night away.
Mayor designed by Miss Mindy - 6007194
8.66 in H
The mayor of Halloweentown gets a much-needed face lift thanks to The World of Miss Mindy. Reinterpreting the sour faced official, Miss Mindy brightens his wardrobe and animation. With a crude smile you can be assured his personality hasn’t changed.
Lock Shock & Barrel - - 6007193
7.09 in H
Together in a tub, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, caw and cackle this holiday. With balloons, candy, and a trick-or-treat bag, the trio prepares for a Halloween of spooky shenanigans. Reimagined by Miss Mindy this ghoulish group has never looked cuter.
Zero designed by Miss Mindy - 6007192
3.94 in H
Reimagined by The World of Miss Mindy, Zero the ghost dog gets a new look. With endearing puppy dog eyes, Jack Skellington’s best friend will win all the treats this Halloween.
Levitation Zero & Jack figure - 6005300
8.25 in H
New from Grand Jester Studios, this levitating figure features Jack Skellington playing fetch with his trusty friend Zero, who magnetically hovers when placed under the tree branch. USB supported power cord included. Lights up.
Lock Shock and Barrel - 6006281
6.3 in H
Lock, Shock and Barrel from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas is crashing the Halloween ball with mischief and mayhem. Shock's wire hair and Lock's metal devil tail add to the incredible detail of this hand painted sculpture.
Oogie Boogie Couture de Force - 6006280
8.46 in H
Never one to miss a party, Oogie Boogie from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas has put on his top hat, the boogie man is ready to make a scene. Hand painted by skilled artisan, the neon monster is in full party mode.
Sally Couture de Force - 6006279
7.28 in H
Sally from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas has updated her rag doll dress into a stunning gown for the Halloween Ball. Hand painted by skilled artisans, Sally shines with iridescent paint and faux gem stones.
Jack Skellington - 6006278
7.28 in H
Jack Skellington returns to the Disney Showcase Collection Couture de Force dressed to the nines as he bows to he mortally beloved Sally. Hand painted by skilled artisans, Jack is ready for the Halloween ball.
Nightmare Before Christmas - 6007191
7.09 in H
The official chalice of Halloween Town, celebrate your holidays in style with this stainless steel lined decorative goblet adorned with frightful imagery from The Nightmare Before Christmas. 16 faux gems sparkle in the moonlight.
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