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New Baby Angel - 6006504
8.07 in H
Celebrate the joy that arrived in a bundle with this sweet angel figurine. Holding a teddy bear, it's thoughtful message reads: A baby is a blessing. A gift from Heaven above, a precious little angel to cherish and to love. Hug them tight!
Graduation Waterball - 6006502
5.91 in H
Graduation is a milestone only reached by some. Don't undersell the moment. As this striking waterball toasts, Take Pride In How Far You Have Come. Moreover still, stand tall like the graduate inside, and Have Faith In How Far You Will Go.
Irish Angel - 6006501
7.6 in H
Irish prayers are always so charming. With heart and wise words this Irish angel brings all the luck we need with it's elegant prayer. This angel reminds us to trust in the Lord and his plan, then even storms and tears can't phase us.
Guardian Angel - 6006500
8.07 in H
Guardian are angels assigned to at birth. Each and everyone of us, has an angel watching our backs. Of course, that means God's got us too. On difficult days, this figurine reminds us we are not alone. Give it as a gift or display it in your home.
Heart of Gold Angel - 6006499
7.09 in H
Gold is admired for it's strength, shine, and value. When we say someone has a heart of gold we are assigning these attributes to their souls. For the people that brighten the world with their love in your life, give this angel figurine as thanks.
Nurse Heart Angel - 6006498
7.05 in H
Nurses fix our boo boos and calm our fears. They are attentive and nurturing with a smile and soft touch. Celebrate the nurse you adore with this sweet "work of heart" angel. Holding a heart with a medical cross, this figurine is relief and peace.
Heart of Hospitality Angel - 6006497
7.13 in H
Pineapples became a symbol of hospitality because of their rarity and so it was a special treat to honor guests. Welcome friends and family to your home with this pineapple bearing angel. With a heart for neighborliness, your home's getting warmer.
Family Blessings Angel - 6006379
9.13 in H
This lovely angel provides a valuable reminder on hectic days. Life's "little things" are often overlooked, when really they are the biggest blessings in life. This angel urges us to give thanks for the roof over our heads and the people under it.
Retirement Plaque - 6006378
5 in H
Retirement is but the next great adventure. For those fortunate enough to be at the beginning of it, offer this thoughtful sentiment. With an elegant design, this Foundations' plaque will bring grace and style to your favorite retiree's home.
Irish Prayer Plaque - 6006377
5 in H
This traditional Irish blessing is an ancient Celtic prayer that has traveled throughout the centuries. The endeared quote is engraved here on this charming Foundations' plaque in hopes it might bring luck to you and yours.
Serenity Plaque - 6006376
5 in H
Some quotes just strike a chord, we write them on our hearts and recall them when life turns dark. This delicate plaque will brighten your home with it's wise words. Calling on the prayer of Serenity, it's a tender and humbling reminder for each day.
Little Miss Muffet Mouse - 6005748
2.48 in H
The cutest little Mouse Miss Muffet is enjoying her curds and whey on a fluffy tuffet. One of the oldest Nursery Rhymes brought to life in the most adorable way, this figurine surely belongs in any collection.
Mary had a Little Lamb Mouse - 6005747
2.05 in H
Mary had a very little lamb, who's fleece was white as snow! Mousey Mary has her hands full, because everywhere she goes, the lamb is sure to go. This figurine is a timeless Nursery Rhyme, and the perfect addition to your collection.
Jack & Jill Mice - 6005746
2.16 in H
Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water when Jack fell down and broke his crown. Lucky for him, Jill came tumbling down too, and is right by his side. This figurine is a perfect gift for any endearing companion and Nursery Rhyme fan.
Humpty Dumpty Mice - 6005745
2.12 in H
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall...but not if these two can help it. A timeless Nursery Rhyme and the perfect addition to any collection, this convincing mouse duo will warm your heart.
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