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Santa Riding a Polar Bear - 6001507
3.875 in H
When Santa wants to get around the North Pole, he doesn’t use the sleigh; he turns to his trusty polar bear. Handcrafted in Jim Shore’s unique folk art style, this stone resin ornament will bring rustic charm and whimsy to trees of any size.
Coca Cola Snowman - 6001000
7.2 in H
Coke’s dapper snowman offers a hearty toast as the iconic polar bears share a moment of refreshment in this affectionate nod to the brand’s classic advertising. The bears’ memorable scene is hand-carved from the stone resin figure in exquisite detail.
Pooh and Piglet Heart - 4059746
5.5 in H
Who wouldn’t want to be Pooh’s valentine? This beautifully detailed 5.5-inch figurine captures a sweet moment between Winnie the Pooh and Piglet with rosemaling and quilting details as they show off the beautiful heart garland they made together.
Coca-Cola Polar Bear & Penguin - 4059474
4.75 in H
Jim Shore’s new Coca Cola designs are iconic images drawn from classic advertising campaigns. This heartwarming scene of a Polar Bear cub and his Penguin pal features Jim’s unique combination of rich artistry and handcrafted attention to detail.
Coca-Cola Polar Bear Couple - 4059475
5.5 in H
Jim Shore’s new Coca Cola collection features iconic images drawn from classic advertising campaigns. This cozy scene of Coke’s beloved Polar Bears cuddling on the couch is decorated with Jim’s unique color palette and attention to detail.
Pooh as Honey Bee - 4057950
7.25 in H
The Disney Traditions collection by Jim Shore combines the magic of Disney with the time-honored motifs of handcrafted folk art.
Winter Pooh and Piglet - 4057939
6.25 in H
Looks like it’s another Happy Winds-day for Piglet and Pooh! The happy friends hold hands as they head out on a wintry walk along a snow-covered path. Their colorful winter accessories feature Jim Shore’s signature folk art motifs.
Winnie the Pooh Water Globe - 4059191
5.5 in H
Willy nilly silly old bear! Winnie the Pooh cuts a classic figure in this waterball. Dressed in his signature red shirt, honey pot in tow, he appears to walk across a field of flowers. Give the hand-painted base a shake to set the confetti astir.
Eeyore Pooh Tigger Piglet - 4055413
8.11 in H
Take a trip to the Hundred Acre Wood with this lively figurine featuring the whole Winnie the Pooh gang. Jim Shore’s handcrafted design captures the unique personalities of each of the pals, intricately hand-painted and detailed with folk art motifs.
Mini Pooh - 4054289
2.75 in H
Handcrafted with impeccable attention to detail, Jim Shore’s charming miniatures capture the essence of beloved Disney characters. Pooh looks quite pleased with his large jar of honey in this 2.75” design, hugging it close with a smile on his face.
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