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Standing Cross 2sided Dove/Lil - 6008405
9.5 in H
Reverently decorated with detailed rosemaling design in subtle spring hues, this heartfelt cross from the artistry of Jim Shore features symbols of hope and renewal, a Dove with Olive Branch on one side and a delicate Easter Lily on the other.
Three Kings Masterpiece Ltd Ed - 6006707
17.55 in H
This Jim Shore Limited Edition Masterpiece is a stunning showcase set. Riding on lavish camels, the three wise men arrive to the manger in style. Wearing glorious robes in regal colors, they bring gifts fit for a king, or rather the king of kings.
Star Ornament with Holy Family - 6006684ND
5 in H
Great Value! This sweet Nativity angel makes a perfect addition to your Christmas tree. It's simple yet powerful message encourages you to cherish time spent with family this season. The special value ornament is a treasured add-on to any Jim Shore order
Nativity Angel Ornament - 6006682
4.7 in H
This angel brings the message of Christmas to your home. Holding a banner in her hands that reads "Peace on Earth", she shares the beauty of the Nativity scene. Wise men and shepherds gather around the holy family, eager to see the newborn king.
Santa With Baby Jesus HO - 6006668
3.35 in H
Santa knows Christmas isn't really about presents and pine trees. Watching over a sleeping Baby Jesus, Santa's heart is filled with love and awe by the true reason for the season.
Pint Sized Holy Family - 6006657
5 in H
Holding the Baby sweetly, the pint sized Jim Shore Holy Family try to imagine the fantastical life the little boy will lead. Wrapped in blankets, the newborn king coos sweetly in this stunning miniature figurine.
One Piece Holy Family - 6006652
11.25 in H
Holding their baby sweetly, new parents Mary and Joseph try to imagine the fantastical life the little boy will lead. Wrapped in blankets, the newborn king coos sweetly in this stunning Jim Shore effigy.
Woodland Holy Family Dated Orn - 6006588
4.5 in H
Jim Shore's White Woodland collection brings the beauty of the outdoors into your home with natural hues and beautiful craftsmanship. Celebrate the reason for the season this year with this elegant Holy Family dated ornament.
Bethlehem's Family - 6006563
3.39 in H
Celebrate the reason for the season with this mousey holy family. Baby Jesus huddles against his mother Mary's mouse chest, oblivious to the great future ahead of him. Despite their size, the proud parent's pride shines like the shepherd's star.
Christmas Nativity Ornament - 6006490
3.62 in H
Another year at a close, celebrate this one with this special 2020 ornament. Highlighting the holy family with emphasis and splendor, this ornament resembles a wreath made of gold. Make sure to cherish the memories made this year with your family.
Three Wise Men Set - 6006483
10 in H
The arrival of the three wise men noted to the world the importance of the baby in the manger. Traveling from far away lands these titans of time bestow onto Jesus very telling gifts. Gold for a king; myrrh for a mortal; and frankincense for a God.
Nativity with Creche, Set of 2 - 6006482
8.46 in H
Elegant and engaging, this two piece set includes the holy family under a creche and powerful verse. Joseph and Mary cradle baby Jesus lovingly; their son and savior. Remember the moment salvation was born unto the world with this exalted nativity.
Serenity Plaque - 6006376
5 in H
Some quotes just strike a chord, we write them on our hearts and recall them when life turns dark. This delicate plaque will brighten your home with it's wise words. Calling on the prayer of Serenity, it's a tender and humbling reminder for each day.
Woodland Cross with Animals - 6006236
7.5 in H
A cross encrusted with woodland creatures, this sweet Jim Shore piece is a reminder that He loves us all, great and small. Engraved leaves and branches reach out to us and in doing so, bring us closer to the Lord.
Holy Family Masterpiece Orn - 6004093
4.75 in H
The Holy Family Masterpiece Ornament displays Mary, Joseph and Jesus embracing in solitude. The flow of this piece is lovely and endearing, symbiotic of love and adoration.
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