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Serenity Plaque - 6006376
5 in H
Some quotes just strike a chord, we write them on our hearts and recall them when life turns dark. This delicate plaque will brighten your home with it's wise words. Calling on the prayer of Serenity, it's a tender and humbling reminder for each day.
Woodland Cross with Animals - 6006236
7.5 in H
A cross encrusted with woodland creatures, this sweet Jim Shore piece is a reminder that He loves us all, great and small. Engraved leaves and branches reach out to us and in doing so, bring us closer to the Lord.
Holy Family Waterball - 6004094
5.71 in H
The Holy Family Waterball displays Mary, Joseph and Jesus embracing in solitude. Their love and adoration shines even brighter with the waterball's added light feature.
Holy Family Masterpiece Orn - 6004093
4.75 in H
The Holy Family Masterpiece Ornament displays Mary, Joseph and Jesus embracing in solitude. The flow of this piece is lovely and endearing, symbiotic of love and adoration.
Nativity Ornament With Crystal - 6004079
5 in H
This touching nativity ornament is the perfect addition to any tree and serves as an excellent reminder of the spirit of the season. Included is a displayer and removable header carder with GWP.
Nativity Holy Angel - 6004077
9 in H
The Nativity Holy Angel figurine is angelic in every way. The stunning flow of her gown, the simple elegance of her wings and a remarkable sash with a faithful reminder. The grace of this piece makes it an incredible addition to any collection.
Holy Family Nativity, Set of 3 - 6004076
10 in H
This beautiful nativity set includes Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus. The enduring story is told timelessly with these impeccable pieces and their distinct attention to detail.
Natures Nativity - 6003911
3.94 in H
The simplistic beauty of this nature Nativity scene makes it a lovely, sophisiticated addition to any tree. Spread the love of Jesus this year and add this ornament to yours.
Holiday Holy Family - 6003907
9.45 in H
This beautiful rendition of the Holy Family personifies deep love and unity. Each hand is delicately placed to symbolize appreciation and adoration for one another. This piece speaks volumes to the true meaning of the holiday season.
Nesting in the Manger - 6003891
1.97 in H
A baby Cardinal Jesus nests peacefully with Mary and Joseph. This sweet, tweeting nativity set is a precious rendition of the timeless holiday sentiment.
Holy Family with Star Ornament - 6001149
4.65 in H
Part of Foundations’ collection, the Holy Family is an elegant, stone resin 4.65” ornament with linen texture and crystal accents. An acrylic star shines behind this sweet moment shared between Mary and Joseph as they look upon their newborn savior.
Holy Family with Star, 10.3
10.31 in H
Part of Foundations’ collection, the Holy Family is an elegant, stone resin 10.3” figurine with linen texture and crystal accents. A shining LED star illuminates this sweet moment shared between Mary and Joseph as they look upon their newborn savior.
Holy Family Ornament - 4058698
4.06 in H
For unto us, a child is born. Part of the Foundations 15th Anniversary collection, the Holy Family with Donkey ornament is a graceful depiction of Mary and Joseph shepherding their newborn Prince of Peace safely through the desert.
Holy Family w/Donkey - 4058697
9.45 in H
The Holy Family continues their journey with the newborn Prince of Peace gently carried by a donkey. Softened & neutral colors complement holiday décor. Details include the 15th Anniversary understamp and crystal heart.
40th Anniversary Plate - 4057359
5 in L
A 40th anniversary keepsake, this glass plate warms the heart with rich copper, subtle leaf patterning, and inspiring message of strength and fortitude: “God bless this marriage with hope that is sure, faith that is steady, and love that endures.”
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