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Scooby Doo - 6005980
7.5 in H
Chest puffed out, this pup ain't scared of nothing! Likely pumped with Scooby-snacks, the Great Dane becomes a daring detective. This Jim Shore piece captures Scooby Doo at his finest; confident and nostalgic.
Shaggy Holding Scooby Doo - 6005979
5.5 in H
Shaky and scared, Scooby Doo jumps into Shaggy's arms after untold creatures go bump in the night. The inseparable pair in the Jim Shore design find courage in each other's company tricking one another into bravery.
Scooby Doo Carved by Heart - 6005978
9 in H
The gang investigates yet another haunted house with intrigue and apprehension. Freddy tries to steer his friends out of fear while Shaggy shakes in his boots. This mysterious Jim Shore design is complete with glow-in-the-dark accents.
Scooby Doo Mystery Machine - 6005977
6.3 in H
Groovy and gorgeous, the mystery machine is fully loaded and speeding into something spooky! In this adventurous Jim Shore design, the whole gang shares a bucket seat with smiles and trepidation.
Three Little Pigs - 6005974
4.8 in H
These three little pigs look delightfully dashing in their drapery. With three different design strategies these siblings are ready to start building their new homes. Jim Shore captures their eagerness before things start getting huffy and puffy.
The Big Bad Wolf - 6005973
6.2 in H
The Big Bad Wolf scratches his chin contemplating which little pig's house he should blow down first. Looking quite strapping in his suspenders and hat with Jim Shore rosemaling design, this big bad wolf will be huffing and puffing soon enough.
Jiminy Cricket Big Fig - 6005972
14.5 in H
Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio's conscience, smiles brightly in this Jim Shore figurine. Dressed in his classic suit, ascot, and top hat, Disney's unofficial mascot holds his umbrella ready to issue advice to anyone in moral dilemma.
Monstro, Gepetto and Pinocchio - 6005971
7.5 in H
Holding his sons hand, Geppetto calms Pinocchio's fears even in the mouth of a beast. Monstro the giant whale looks absolutely terrifying in this Jim Shore figurine, even when covered in ravishing rosemaling.
Cruella DeVil - 6005970
8.2 in H
Cruella hides her malice well in this Jim Shore bust. With a wide smile on her face, the three dalmatians beneath her hold happy dispositions, not yet aware of her true intentions. Fashionably formidable, De Vil is the cruel amongst the cute.
Gaston and Lefou - 6005969
8.66 in H
This muscly menace strikes a powerful pose in this Jim Shore figurine. Impressing his biggest admirer, LeFou looks up at his hero fondly. The two wear Jim Shore trimmed attire and together seem to scream "No One Decorates a Home Like Gaston!"
Jafar from Aladdin - 6005968
9 in H
Jafar, Aladdin's greatest threat, looks quite formidable in this Jim Shore design. His cloak billowing, etched designs make the villain even more threatening. With a snake twisted around his garment, and blue tiger bearing it's fangs, fear meets fashion.
Aladdin Group Hug - 6005967
5.51 in H
From the moment he exited the bottle, Genie has inspired the impossible. Here the cast of main characters embrace in a tight hug that Aladdin would never have thought to find himself in at the film's start.
Tink Sitting on Heart - 6005966
5 in H
This fairy is sweeter than candy and sits on a heart-shaped box in this Jim Shore collectible. Tinkerbell, Peter Pan's sassy sidekick smiles coquettishly legs crossed daintily. With delicate rosemaling this fairy is in the love seat.
Eeyore with a Heart Balloon - 6005965
7.91 in H
Even Eeyore has a hard time frowning in this precious Jim Shore piece. A heart balloon latched to his mouth, the donkey will start floating with love soon enough.
Pooh and Piglet by Log - 6005964
3.82 in H
Pooh and best friend Piglet lock eyes warmly on a Jim Shore log decorated in rosemaling patterns. The precious pair will make a delightful addition to your home and heart.
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