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Snow White Couture de Force - 6007186
8.07 in H
Snow White with her skin fair as snow and lips red as apples follows the wind on a new adventure fit for a princess. Hand-crafted and hand-painted, her iconic outfit shimmers in yellow satins and dark wool felts plussed with red faux gem stones.
Mother Gothel - 6007073
8.2 in H
Mother Gothel flaps her cloak to reveal a tender moment shared between Rapunzel and her parents. Lifting a lit lantern to the sky, the family cherishes their time together before the villain intervenes. Jim Shore captures the Disney scene with style.
Christmas Belle - 6007067
7.2 in H
Belle arrives to your home with dozens of book-sized presents. Wearing her loveliest gown, she hopes to be your guest. Celebrate the magic of Disney this year with your favorite princess flawlessly crafted by Jim Shore.
Christmas Aurora - 6007066
7 in H
Aurora has woken up just in time for Christmas. Wearing her classic pink dress she brings gifts galore in this dazzling figurine. Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with your favorite princess admirably designed by Jim Shore.
Christmas Cinderella - 6007065
7.2 in H
Cinderella wears a Christmas gown in this lovely figurine. With intricate details and handfuls of presents, she arrives to your home with several tidings of joy. Celebrate the season with your favorite princess exquisitely crafted by Jim Shore.
Christmas Snow White - 6007064
6.7 in H
With the first name Snow, Miss White loves Christmas. Sporting a gorgeous red and white fur cloak, the woodland princess delivers a special gift she wrapped herself. Celebrate the season with your favorite princess and see what else she's brought.
White Woodland Pocahontas - 6007062
7.3 in H
Kneeling on a tree stump, Pocahontas the Native American princess, soaks in the sun. With her woodland friends gathered around her, she's a natural beauty. Take home this inspiring Disney princess and witness all the colors of the wind.
White Woodland Mulan - 6007061
5.5 in H
Mulan is breathtaking, sitting on a bench in her best dress. With her excitable pup, Little Brother, bouncing in her lap and her dragon guardian Mushu in a tight hug, she's surrounded by love. Beautifully sculpted, this Jim Shore piece is a classic.
Lady Tremaine, Step Sisters - 6007056
8.5 in H
Cinderella's evil stepmother and sisters look a little less sinister in this Jim Shore piece. In their best dresses, they curtsy with sly smiles. Hate them or not, your Disney collection isn't complete without these voguish villains.
Pumpkin Coach with Cinderella - 6007055
11.5 in H
Magically transformed from a pumpkin to a classy carriage, Cinderella's coach brings her to the ball. With lighted features and astonishing craftsmanship, Jim Shore has created enchantment with this Disney masterpiece. Dance the night away in style!
Cinderella Transformation - 6007054
8.2 in H
With a curtsy, Cinderella charms Prince Charming and the world. In her gorgeous gown magically sown by her fairy godmother, she struts in slippers made of glass. Losing one before the clock strikes twelve, Jim Shore captures the maid as a princess.
Charlie Brown/Sally Halloween - 6006944
5.5 in H
Charlie takes his sister Trick or Treating in this sweet Jim Shore siblings piece. Sally dressed as a princess, urges her brother on while Charlie argues they have enough candy for the night. Seeing his sister smile, he'll likely be out all night!
Rapunzel Holiday Princess - 6006275
8.31 in H
The 5th in the Disney Showcase Collection Holiday Princess series, Rapunzel swaps her weapon of choice, the cast iron pan, for a snowball and is ready for a fight. This two piece set comes with her sidekick Pascal.
Cinderella from Miss Mindy - 6003769
9.37 in H
Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Cinderella with this illuminating sculpture from the World of Miss Mindy. Miss Mindy's iconic folk cartoon interpretation of the beloved Disney Princess is a must for every Disney fan. Inside diorama scene lights up.
Cinderella Couture de Force - 6005684
8.27 in H
Disney Couture de Force celebrates the confidence, glamour, and inspiring stories of your favorite Disney Princess in a unique and empowering collection that reminds us all, dreams really do come true.
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