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Moana with Pua and Hei Hei - 6008078
5.25 in H
The chosen one, Moana, takes a break from being Chief of Motunui and relaxes with her pets Pua and Heihei, in this Disney Traditions sculpt designed by Jim Shore.
Tink Sitting in Flower - 6008076
6.25 in H
All the way from Neverland, this sweet and sassy fairy, takes a flower break before she's off on her next adventure. This Disney by Jim Shore piece is intricately hand sculpted and is great for any Tinker Bell enthusiast.
Meg & Hades - 6008070
9 in H
Meg and Hades share the stage in this design inspired by the Disney classic Hercules. Handcrafted in delightful detail, this compelling scene of good and evil features the rich color palette and folk-art motifs that are unmistakably Jim Shore.
Alice & Queen of Hearts - 6008069
8.25 in H
Alice shares a glance with the Queen of Hearts in this design inspired by the Disney classic Alice in Wonderland. Handcrafted in delightful detail, this scene of opposites features the rich color and folk-art motifs that are unmistakably Jim Shore.
Aurora & Maleficent - 6008068
9 in H
Consumed with bitterness and spiteful rage the evil sorceress Maleficent looks down upon Princess Aurora with undisguised contempt.Aurora unfazed by Maleficents baleful glare maintains her grace and poise even as her black clad nemesis plots against her.
Snow White & Evil Queen - 6008067
8.25 in H
Snow White is back-to-back with the Evil Queen in this handcrafted design inspired by the Disney classic. Richly detailed, this compelling scene of good and evil features the vibrant color and folk-art motifs that are unmistakably Jim Shore.
Snow White Couture de Force - 6007186
8.07 in H
Snow White with her skin fair as snow and lips red as apples follows the wind on a new adventure fit for a princess. Hand-crafted and hand-painted, her iconic outfit shimmers in yellow satins and dark wool felts plussed with red faux gem stones.
Mother Gothel - 6007073
8.2 in H
Mother Gothel flaps her cloak to reveal a tender moment shared between Rapunzel and her parents. Lifting a lit lantern to the sky, the family cherishes their time together before the villain intervenes. Jim Shore captures the Disney scene with style.
White Woodland Pocahontas - 6007062
7.3 in H
Kneeling on a tree stump, Pocahontas the Native American princess, soaks in the sun. With her woodland friends gathered around her, she's a natural beauty. Take home this inspiring Disney princess and witness all the colors of the wind.
White Woodland Mulan - 6007061
5.5 in H
Mulan is breathtaking, sitting on a bench in her best dress. With her excitable pup, Little Brother, bouncing in her lap and her dragon guardian Mushu in a tight hug, she's surrounded by love. Beautifully sculpted, this Jim Shore piece is a classic.
Pumpkin Coach with Cinderella - 6007055
11.5 in H
Magically transformed from a pumpkin to a classy carriage, Cinderella's coach brings her to the ball. With lighted features and astonishing craftsmanship, Jim Shore has created enchantment with this Disney masterpiece. Dance the night away in style!
Cinderella Transformation - 6007054
8.2 in H
With a curtsy, Cinderella charms Prince Charming and the world. In her gorgeous gown magically sown by her fairy godmother, she struts in slippers made of glass. Losing one before the clock strikes twelve, Jim Shore captures the maid as a princess.
Cinderella Couture de Force - 6005684
8.27 in H
Disney Couture de Force celebrates the confidence, glamour, and inspiring stories of your favorite Disney Princess in a unique and empowering collection that reminds us all, dreams really do come true.
Miss Mindy Rapunzel Resin Fig - 6003772
9.45 in H
Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Disney's Tangled, The World of Miss Mindy interprets the beloved princess Rapunzel in this whimsical light up figure featuring a romantic diorama scene of Flynn and Rapunzel lighting lanterns. Batteries included.
Miss Mindy Vinyl - Rapunzel - 6003779
7 in H
Announcing Series 3 of the World of Miss Mindy's Designer Vinyl. Rapunzel her hair down to form the tripod design. Pascal completes the set. Collect them all!
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