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Woodland Santa with Cane - 6001415
5.8 in H
This charming White Woodland Santa with birch branch cane features a wintry forest scene and Jim’s signature combination of quilt patterns and folk-art design. This holiday heirloom is hand-painted in a subtle palette of muted tones and icy hues
Santa and Toy Shop Mini Set - 4060314
4.4 in H
Jim Shore's charming miniatures feature some of the most popular imagery from his full-size collection. This colorful Santa’s Workshop design features the Jolly Old Elf decorated in Jim’s signature rosemaling and holly motifs.
Peanuts Deluxe Train Set - 6002332
4.5 in H
All aboard the Peanuts train! This handcrafted holiday package has an exclusive addition: Sally’s car no. 2 is only available as part of this set. Sally joins the gang with a pretty simple list for Santa. She doesn’t ask for much, just “everything.”
Grinch Dressed As Santa - 6002074
5.04 in H
Looks like the Grinch isn’t feeling so grinchy anymore! This handcrafted ornament features the wily character holding a carefully wrapped present. The 4.5” design is sculpted from high-quality stone resin and hand-painted with colorful folk art motifs.
Grinch with Naughty/Nice Sign - 6002073
4.72 in H
Are you feeling naughty or nice? This interactive ornament lets you spin the sign to declare your mood of the day. A perfect capture of Dr. Seuss’s Grinch, the handcrafted design is sculpted from stone resin and hand-painted for an artisanal finish.
Grinch Holding Cindy - 6002072
4.92 in H
Cindy Lou sees the good in the Grinch and helps him see it in himself. This heartwarming ornament shows the Grinch holding his new friend, both smiling with Christmas cheer. The handcrafted design is sculpted from stone resin and hand-painted.
Grinch with Hands on Hips - 6002070
6.3 in H
He’s a mean one, Mr. Grinch! The Grinch appears to be hatching a devious plan in this handcrafted design by Jim Shore. Sculpted from stone resin, the 6” figurine shows the cunning character with his hands on his hips and a crafty smile across his face.
Two-Sided Naughty/Nice Grinch - 6002068
8.98 in H
Whoville’s resident grouch isn’t so bad once you get to know him! Jim Shore shows both sides of the Grinch in this two-sided figurine: one naughty and one nice. The colorful design is handcrafted from stone resin and hand-painted with folk art motifs.
Grinch Stealing Tree - 6002067
8.66 in H
Jim Shore captures the colorful personality of the Grinch in this handcrafted design, while adding his own distinctive folk art details. Beautifully sculpted from stone resin, the 8” figurine features the cunning thief with a stolen Christmas tree.
Stacked Grinch Characters - 6002066
13.39 in H
Jim Shore brings his signature folk art style to the Dr. Seuss classic, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” in this handcrafted design. Colorful quilt patterns and rosemaling decorate the stacked figurine composed of the Grinch, Cindy Lou, and Max.
Grinch with Santa Scene - 6002065
10.83 in H
A devious smile crosses the Grinch’s face as he plots his Christmas takedown. Beautifully sculpted from stone resin, this 11” figurine is hand-carved with one of the film’s most iconic scenes.
Santa with Woodland Animals - 6001598
3.6 in H
Santa is a friend to creatures big and small. In this handcrafted ornament by Jim Shore, a trio of woodland animals cuddle up to the jolly figure, sculpted from high-quality stone resin and hand-carved with whimsical folk art motifs.
Rudolph Sleigh Over Village - 6001593
7.2 in H
Rudolph leads the way as Santa’s sleigh flies over a village, delivering toys to all the good girls and boys. Beautifully sculpted from stone resin, this folk art-inspired figurine features whimsical rosemaling and traditional quilt patterns.
Santa Hugging Rudolph - 6001590
5.91 in H
Rudolph basks in the glow of Santa’s love in this handcrafted design by Jim Shore. Intricately sculpted from stone resin, the 5.75” figurine captures the endearing qualities of the beloved holiday special. Whimsical snowflakes dance around the platform.
Rudolph and Santa w/Iceberg - 6001589
6.2 in H
Santa gives Rudolph a pat of appreciation in this memorable scene from the beloved holiday classic. Handcrafted and hand-painted, the stone resin figurine features a craggy iceberg, lit by a blue LED light for an icy glow.
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