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Witch Sitting On Pumpkin - 6006702
6.42 in H
This little Jim Shore witch smiles sweetly upon a pumpkin while a black cat rubs against her devotedly. With purple stocking and a star adorned hat, she's a spell caster in training. A broomstick in hand, she'll soon become a frequent flyer.
Scary Witch W/Cauldron Fig - 6006700
10.04 in H
Reading from a spell book, this witch calls upon all things magical and devilry this Halloween. With a spooky graveyard scene upon her gown, a rune embellished cauldron bubbles with a ghostly potion. Surrounded by skulls, she's casting trouble.
Witch with Spider Web Skirt - 6006699
10.63 in H
A vision in a webbed purple dress, this Jim Shore witch is a freaky and fashionable icon this October. With a star studded hat and crow perched on her hand, she's a spine-chilling enchanter. A black cat on a leash completes the posh potioner's look.
JS Stacked Ghost/Pumpkin/Cat - 6006698
9.06 in H
From a bubbling cauldron all manner of questionable characters emerge in this Jim Shore Halloween figurine. Balancing upon a ghost, a smiling jack-o-lantern, black cat, and witch smile in joined spookiness. Together they make a recipe for fright.
Halloween Cat Pint Sized - 6006697
5.7 in H
This Jim Shore black cat is a midnight marvel. Wearing a green witch's hat he's on the prowl this Halloween. A haunted house scene upon his chest and jack-o-lanterns at his feet, he's feeling festive this holiday.
Too Cute to Spook - 6006559
2.24 in H
When all's quiet in the house, it's quite easy to jump at the sight of a mouse. This witch is far from wicked. With purple robes, hat, and broomstick, this little occultist is too cute to spook. Cackle into the night with this cute conjurer.
Wine Glass Which Shoes? - 6004429
8.84 in H
Keep your Halloween plans prioritized with this bewitching witches wine glass. Decorated in spider webbing and orange tights, these witches wonder, “Which shoes?” Made from artisan blown glass. Hand wash.
Wine Glass Bling Cast a Spell - 6004428
9.83 in H
This spellbinding wine glass is equally stylish and spooky. In glittering details a green witch paints the bowl with an enchanting scene and script “You Put a Spell on Me”. Made from artisan blown glass. Hand wash.
Wine Glass Cheers Witches - 6002978
9.05 in H
This bewitchingly hand painted glass will have you cackling around the cauldron until the moon disappears. Arrives in a beautiful gift box with signature recipe. Made from artisan blown glass. Hand wash only.
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