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Witch Gnome - 6009513
6.5 in H
This curious gnome dresses in purple robes and pointed hat this Halloween. Is he in costume or does he plan to cast a spell on your garden? Inquire at your own risk. This six inch Jim Shore figurine is an instant classic.
Lighted Pumpkin Diorama - 6009511
8.5 in H
This Jim Shore jack-o-lantern opens wide to reveal a diorama scene with lights! A witch plots her Halloween night as she stirs a green potion in this eerie graveyard. A black cat and crow look on with the thoughts "bubble, bubble, we love trouble!"
Witch with Broom and Skull - 6009507
10.25 in H
This Jim Shore witch may put a spell on you. Broom handle pierced through a skull, this enchantress has been around for the ages. With a knowing stare and smile she wags a finger at you. With a bag full of spells and potions, beware the creepy craft!
Witch with Pumpkins & BlackCat - 6009506
9.25 in H
This Jim Shore witch bewitches with stature and grace. With majesty, she stands with a hand on her hip as a white owl lands on her outstretched arm. Her dress reveals a haunted mansion with fright and moonlight while a black cat peers from a pumpkin.
Witch Snoopy and Woodstock - 6008964
5.5 in H
Boasting a large witch's hat, Snoopy and Woodstock prepare a potion. Riding a spoon like a broom, little Woodstock stirs the bubbly green goo while Snoopy reads from a spell book. In this Jim Shore design, the pair create a cauldron of spooky fun.
Wicked Witch Hourglass Ornamen - 6008314
4.7 in H
Someone looks unhappy in this hourglass ornament designed by Jim Shore. As the sands of time fall, the Wicked Witch frowns knowing it's only a matter of time until good wins the day. Place this green-faced miscreant into your tree as she melts away.
Wine Glass Drink Up Witches - 6007494
9.05 in H
A warty green hand holds your wine steady this season. With candy corn painted fingernails and a foreboding eye ring, your wine resides in a ghostly grip. With a cackle, this Lolita wine glass commands: Drink Up Witches!
Witch Sitting On Pumpkin - 6006702
6.42 in H
This little Jim Shore witch smiles sweetly upon a pumpkin while a black cat rubs against her devotedly. With purple stocking and a star adorned hat, she's a spell caster in training. A broomstick in hand, she'll soon become a frequent flyer.
Halloween Cat Pint Sized - 6006697
5.7 in H
This Jim Shore black cat is a midnight marvel. Wearing a green witch's hat he's on the prowl this Halloween. A haunted house scene upon his chest and jack-o-lanterns at his feet, he's feeling festive this holiday.
Too Cute to Spook - 6006559
2.24 in H
When all's quiet in the house, it's quite easy to jump at the sight of a mouse. This witch is far from wicked. With purple robes, hat, and broomstick, this little occultist is too cute to spook. Cackle into the night with this cute conjurer.
Wine Glass Cheers Witches - 6002978
9.05 in H
This bewitchingly hand painted glass will have you cackling around the cauldron until the moon disappears. Arrives in a beautiful gift box with signature recipe. Made from artisan blown glass. Hand wash only.
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