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Easter Angel - 6006380
4.53 in H
This gentle angel holds a gleaming cross close to her heart. Bowing her head in prayer, she gives thanks and praise on the holiest of days. The simple yet powerful message of Easter reads on her dress, "He is Risen".
Mini Chick with Easter Egg - 6006229
3.74 in H
With a flower between its webbed toes, this little chick hoists a painted egg over its shoulder giddy for Spring. With a Jim Shore design upon its chest, this chick channels cheer.
Mini Bunny with Easter Eggs - 6006228
3.4 in H
Laying down, this sweet bunny is as relaxed as he is happy. Surrounded by painted eggs, this little rabbit is ready for showers and flowers! With joyful Jim Shore stylings, this piece screams Spring.
Mini Snoopy Holding Easter Egg - 6005952
2.75 in H
Easter couldn't be sweeter with this Jim Shore design. Sitting to go through his stash, Snoopy holds a large painted egg in his hands excitably. He couldn't be more delighted, that is until a butterfly lands nearby.
Snoopy/Woodstock Easter Basket - 6005945
6 in H
Unlike Santa, the Easter bunny doesn't take requests. Luckily, Snoopy got just what he wanted amongst his chocolates. Opening up a flower painted egg, Woodstock stretches out his little arms to hug his favorite pup.
White Woodland Bunny Statue - 6004768
10.75 in H
Decorated with Jim Shore’s distinctive folk-art designs, this Bunny Garden Statue is a light-hearted accent to any outdoor setting. Handcrafted with Jim’s signature attention to detail, this charming design is specially treated for outside display.
Easter Egg with Rotating Scene - 6003625
8.5 in H
Stroll through Spring with this festive Jim Shore tabletop Easter egg. Simply turn the floral finial atop the egg to rotate the scene inside between two adorable Easter scenes. Chicks soak in the sun while a pair of bunnies jubilantly collect eggs.
Eeyore as Easter Bunny - 6001284
5.71 in H
Our favorite gloomy donkey is all decked out for Easter! Designed by Jim Shore, Eeyore wears bunny ears and a fluffy tail as he holds a basket of colorful eggs. He sits contentedly, grateful that he didn't lose his real tail during his egg hunt!
Pooh and Piglet Easter - 6001283
4.8 in H
Pooh and Piglet share a friendship sweeter than all the honey in the woods! In this joyful scene, the two friends are filled with glee by their victorious egg hunt. Brighten up your collection with this lively, colorful Easter piece by Jim Shore!
Angel with Cross and Lilies - 6001082
9.9 in H
This heartfelt Angel features the timeless symbols at the heart of Easter, a solemn Cross and beautifully rendered Lilies. Handcrafted in exquisite detail, her robe is decorated in one of Jim Shore's favorite quilt patterns, the Eight Point Star.
Pint Sized Easter Stack - 6001078
6.4 in H
Jim Shore's pint-sized stacked Easter friends are a charming touch of Springtime fun. This charming scene is handcrafted in Jim's unique combination of traditional quilt patterns and intricate rosemaling designs.
Bunny Family - 6001076
8.4 in H
A charming centerpiece for Easter decoration, Jim Shore's adorable bunny family scene is artfully decorated in Jim's signature combination of quilt patterns and folk art designs.
Easter Minnie - 4059743
6 in H
One of spring’s sweetest creatures pays Minnie a surprise visit! A lovely butterfly perches on her hand as she gazes in wonder and excitement. Pastel flowers enhance the girlish appeal of this hand-painted piece, beautifully crafted from stone resin.
Spring Mickey Mouse - 4059742
6.25 in H
In the words of Mickey himself, “Easter means spring’s here!” The exuberant mouse is all set to celebrate the seasonal occasion, dressed ears to toe in his Sunday best. Pastel flowers and folk motifs enhance the sweetness of this handcrafted design.
Bunny Basket with 4 Eggs - 4058987
7.5 in H
Jim Shore’s 13th annual Easter Basket features a beautifully decorated bunny and an intricate floral handle. With four colorful eggs, this handcrafted holiday centerpiece is a delightful addition to Jim’s charming basket series.
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