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Frosty in Lights Ornament - 6007346
4.1 in H
Tangled up in lights, America's favorite snowman has caught a place on your tree. With his magical hat and classic corncob pipe, Frosty delights yet another year with magic and fun. He won't be singing "Catch Me If You Can" this season though!
Frosty Dated Ornament - 6007345
4.1 in H
Each Christmas marks another year completed, and family memories shared. Commemorate this year's festivities with this gentle ornament starring America's favorite snowman. This sweet ornament is destined for a place in your heart and your tree.
Frosty Juggling Snowballs - 6007344
6.3 in H
Frosty loves to laugh and play. From the looks of it, that old silk hat did more than bring him to life, it also gave him juggling skills. With four snow balls in the air and a corncob pipe between his teeth, the snowman basks in the crisp winter day.
Frosty and Karen on Ice Cube - 6007343
5.7 in H
Frosty sits with Karen and Hocus Pocus the rabbit on a throne made out of ice. Looking quite regal, the three smile at each other warmly on the chilly ice cubes. With a corncob pipe in his mouth and friends around, this snowman couldn't be jollier.
Frosty with Welcome Sign - 6007342
7 in H
For fear of melting, Santa transfers Frosty to a place that never warms up. Cheery now at the North Pole, the snowman has found a new home. He'll surely return next winter though, with just as much magic in his dance down the streets of town.
Frosty with Parading Children - 6007341
8.7 in H
America's favorite snowman, Frosty, waves in winter in this nostalgic collectible. With frolicsome Jim Shore detail, this piece is an instant classic. The scene transforms as the children physically rotate around the cherished character with the hand rot
AA Santa With Winter Scene Orn - 6007315
4.57 in H
A winter village in the distance, African American Santa walks with a satchel of holly and holiday tidings. He is ravishing in his intricately carved Christmas cloak and bag. With a smile upon his face he begins his next batch of deliveries.
Snoopy Delivering Gifts - 6006939
8.5 in H
Forget Santa and his sleigh, Snoopy The Flying Ace is on the Christmas case! Steering his red dog house into a neighborhood near you, Snoopy and his yellow feathered "elves" make deliveries fast and fun. The playful piece is a Jim Shore treasure.
Schroeder with Musical Piano - 6006933
4.5 in H
Schroeder is distinguished by his precocious skill at playing the piano, as well as his love of classical music and composer Ludwig van Beethoven in particular. Sitting at the keyboard, he plays a tune for the dance after the Christmas Pageant.
Leaping Rudolph With Bells - 6006792
8.46 in H
Rudolph prances over this lovely winter scene with a collar of bells around his neck. Gleeful in heart and graceful in style, this Jim Shore figurine steals the show. With immaculate detail this piece is its own Christmas miracle.
Rudolph & Clarice Laying Down - 6006790
4 in H
Rudolph and Clarice, huddle together in this lovely Jim Shore piece. Clarice loves and accepts Rudolph for who he is, the Red-Nosed Reindeer! This sweet figurine will bring warmth to your heart and home and make you appreciate your true friends!
Santa Hugging Rudolph, LIted - 6006788
6.1 in H
No Christmas season is complete without a Rudolph viewing party! And folk art aficionado, Jim Shore, has just the center piece for the evening. With a glowing red-nose Rudolph and Santa smile gracefully in this stunning figurine. Battery operated timer
Red & Green Angel Ornament - 6006681
4.7 in H
Graceful in red and green, this angel ornament brings holiday favor to your home. Holding a wreath in her hands, she's a ravishing Christmas vision. Hair billowing, she's bundled up to deliver season's blessings.
Snowman with Cardinal on Hat - 6006680
4.92 in H
With a cardinal upon his cap, this little snowman is giddy to have a friend this Christmas. Place him in your tree and watch his smile grow even wider at the company. Wearing a large scarf, he'll stay cozy this Christmas and warm of heart.
Snowman With Snowbaby HO - 6006679
4.33 in H
The Christmas season is the time of year to hold loved ones near. This snowman holds his child tenderly, showing the little tyke the ways of winter. The pair will peer attentively from your tree onto your family's festivities.
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