N.C. Cameron & Sons, Limited Celebrates 90 years of giftware excellence!

Founded in 1927 by the man who gave his name to the company, Mr. Neil Campbell Cameron, N.C. Cameron & Sons, Limited - Presently, Enesco Canada Corporation - has provided quality giftware to Canadian retailers for 90 years. Originally started as a premium and incentive business, the company provided fine English bone china, “Royal Cameronian”, to customers as redemption for stamp booklets from a grocery store. Aided by his growing family, working out of the basement of his family home, Neil started selling his English china directly to gift and jewellery stores. Sales increased and the company grew in size until a separate building was necessary, leading to the purchase of a small office and warehouse on Dufferin Street in Toronto in the mid 1930's.

After serving in the Canadian Air Force in the Second World War, Mr. J. Douglas Cameron, aided by his brother Donald took over the day-to-day operations of the company. Importing companies could only import with quotas granted by the government in the post war years, so at this time the transformation of the company from a premium supplier to a gift supplier began, in order to take advantage of the better margin potential in the gift business. By the mid 1950's, realizing the potential of goods from the Far Eastern market, Doug Cameron began sourcing more and more goods out of the Orient, particularly Japan where Mr. Cameron developed a passion for the Japanese culture and way of life. This was reciprocated in kind by the Asian suppliers and agents who have remained life-long friends with the Cameron family.

Changing times and demographics moved the company away from being primarily a china supplier to a company with a diverse selection of giftware catering to a countrywide network of gift retailers. Products such as European crystal, Indian brassware, and Italian marble as well as a myriad of other products from around the world complimented the original British chinaware. Despite the rapid growth in business the Cameron family always followed their credo “Cameron's Traditional Quality and Value” in its dealings with their customers. This has stood the Company in good stead over the years as faithful customers make N.C. Cameron a prime destination for all giftware needs.

In 1982 the third generation of Cameron's took over the realm, as Mr. Craig Cameron became president of the company and his father remaining as Chairman of the Board. Earlier, the company had taken on the “Precious Moments®” line, which was soon followed by the addition of “Cherished Teddies®”, two lines that have captured the hearts of millions of consumers worldwide. The success of these two lines propelled N.C. Cameron & Sons to being one of the largest giftware distributors in Canada.

Towards the latter part of the eighties, the Cameron family decided to strengthen its ties with Enesco Corporation and in 1988 the Company was sold to Stanhome Inc., the parent company of Enesco. The purchase of N.C. Cameron coincided with the company's move to new headquarters in Mississauga.

In 2007, Enesco Corporation re-organized and became Enesco LLC, but this had no impact on N.C. Cameron & Sons, Ltd. and we remain today the wholly owned Canadian subsidiary.

January 2009, after 81 years of giftware excellence in Canada, N.C. Cameron & Sons, Limited, the Canadian subsidiary of Enesco, LLC, announced that it has changed its business name to Enesco Canada Corporation. The name change was undertaken to better represent Enesco, LLC's expanding range of worldwide capabilities, and the continuing globalization of the Enesco business.

On September 1, 2015 Craig Cameron announced his retirement from the company after 37 years. Craig's decision was bittersweet, but he looks forward to spending more time with his wife and family.

Effective September 1 2015, Grace Kiss was named President of the company. Grace Kiss, who has been at Enesco Canada for over 37 years, has run the day-to-day operations of the business since being named Senior Vice President and General Manager in December 2013. Enesco Canada is justifiably proud of its history in Canadian giftware but realizes that it is you, the retail customers, who have made the company what it is today.

2017 marks a proud milestone for Enesco Canada, representing our 90th year in business. Over the years, we have witnessed many changes in the giftware landscape, but one thing has remained constant: Our need to continually improve our methods on how best to service our customers, while operating a profitable and adaptable business.

With that in mind, as we look to the future, we have made bold decisions to restructure the business to ensure Enesco Canada’s legacy continues onwards for another 90 plus years. The decision to restructure will effectively change the way we go to market, and will provide the resulting positive beneficial impacts to our customers:

  • For the larger customers, this means our ability to provide you with greater focus from our Account Executives.
  • For the smaller customers, this means benefits through the hundreds of thousands of dollars we invested creating our new B2B website tool, complemented by dedicated telesales, giving you better access to our products and brands.
  • Operational cost savings translating to our ability to commit to larger monetary investments, with a focus on ingenious, relevant product development.
  • Significant increases in Marketing spend, concentrated on improving sell through at retail, as we look to innovative and differentiated ways to increase consumer awareness of our iconic brands.

Effective March 1st, we moved our distribution and fulfillment center to a third party logistics provider. With the decision to move the distribution center, we will also be moving into a new office. Effective March 20th our new address is:

Enesco Canada Corporation
989 Derry Road East, Suite 303
Mississauga, ON
L5T 2J8

**All existing telephone, fax and email addresses remain the same.

On behalf of Grace Kiss, President together with the staff at Enesco Canada, we sincerely thank you!