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Throughout 2016, we took an important step in support of our retail partners by modernizing our sales organization so that we could provide a higher level of interaction and enhance our ability to conduct business together at times and in ways that are convenient for them. Therefore, based on buying needs an Inside Sales Rep would be better equipped to serve you. You're designated Inside Sales Rep will be able to interact with you more frequently and will be able to respond to your needs in a more timely manner.

Of course, you do! But the real question is why would you want to opt-out? As an account with an Inside Rep, you will have a dedicated sales person who will spend time and attention on the unique needs of your store(s) and brands. Through a balanced combination of people and technology, you will experience a marked improvement in your ability to learn more about our products and artists, gain new ideas for merchandising, find out what’s new, our hot sellers, and participate in social media and other Enesco led marketing programs…all while doing business with us in a way and at a time that best suits you and your business.

We continue to update and enhance our retailer website daily with information specific to your business with us. In addition to the website being available to you 24/7, your Inside Sales Rep will be able to provide every report that your previous rep provided, as well as keep you informed of all sales promotions, programs and upcoming product launches.

Your Inside Sales Rep will be at the Toronto Gift Show. We encourage you to set an appointment with your Inside Sales Rep prior to the show. If you are unable to work with an Inside Sales Rep, we will have an associate assist you.

Yes, we encourage you to visit our B2B website where we provide you with several options for viewing our wide selection of brands and products. In addition to the electronic version of our catalogues available for you to download and print at your convenience, we have organized the online store portion of the website to make it easy to search by artist, occasion, brand, licensed products, and of course, by SKU. Checkout is simple and payment is already tied to your account making ordering a breeze anytime, any day. Of course, your Inside Sales Rep is available to work directly with you to create a custom order from our catalogues or help you step by step through the most effective ways to navigate our site.

After a careful analysis around our customer's buying patterns and interactions, we determined that a certain segment of our customers would actually benefit greatly from an Inside Sales Rep model for some brands. We are confident that our approach will enable us to best meet the needs of the various customers we have in the retail channel and believe you will enjoy a better experience under our new model.

At various times throughout the year, we will re-evaluate many factors contributing to our go-to-market approach. Factors will include store location, frequency of purchases, sales volume and growth trajectory, brand diversity, number of support calls, product selection, credit history, and more.

We value your feedback - please direct your questions and suggestions on how we can provide better service to you and your staff by contacting our National Sales Manager or calling our customer service number at 1-800-263-7095.

If you are already a user with our current B2B site, you can log in with your email address and the same password. If you are a first-time user, you can click on “New Retailer” and enter your email address to register.

Your Inside Sales Rep or our friendly customer service team will be able to resolve these issues and others you may need help with. Please give us a call at 1-800-263-7095 and we’ll be glad to work with you on a solution.

Your Inside Sales Rep will be able to provide you with merchandising solutions and additional information around display tips and best practices. Additionally, we encourage you to log in to our B2B site since it will be constantly updated with merchandising recommendations, catalog updates, display solutions, downloadable materials, and success stories to help you grow your business.

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